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Сервер ExoMU
  • Игра: MU Online
  • Рейты: x5000
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Version: Full Season 17.2-2

Experience Rate: 5000x

Experience Rate ML: 1000x

Experience Rate MJ: 1000x

Drop Rate: 30%

Max Level: 400

Max Master Level: 1050

All Max Level: 1450

Max Stats: 32000

Mu Helper: From 1st level

Guild Creation: 350 level

Max number of players in guild: 20

Max guild alliance count: 3

Elf Helper up to: 25 reset

Max Reset: 1000 (Reset Reward 350 points, 100 Goblin Point)

Master Monster Level to level up: 100

Majestic Monster Level to pump: 200


Devil Square

Chaos Castle

Illusion Temple

Arca Battle

Acheron Guardian

Bonus Event

Cry Wolf

Castle Siege

Loren Deep Event

White Wizard

Santa Village

Red Dragon Invasion

Skeleton King Invasion

Golden Invasion

Invoking Demons

Eggs Event

Pouch of Blessing

Lunar Rabbit

Fire Flame Ghost


Acheron Monster

Elite Monster

Play Time Event

Moss Merchant (Lottery)

More information about the server can be found in the Guides

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