Сервер Black World

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Сервер Black World
  • Игра: Lineage 2
  • Рейты: x50000Interlude+PvP
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OPENING June 1st at 20:00 GMT +3 Dear players! The announced launch of everyone's favorite, long-awaited and updated - Interlude PvP x50,000 on a new build! The world of the future will embody the best Interlude projects! Now we invite you to read the server description, chat on the forum and take part in the project’s promotion! What awaits you in the distance: - Hello online, players from different countries! - The best clans, constant parties and alliances! - PvP battles 24/7 and hot Olympics! - Constant advertising campaign! - Stable operation of all project resources! - High-quality assembly and protection from external software! - The server works until the last player! Start playing right now!

Добавлен · redline1997


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