Сервер L2 Imperial

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Сервер L2 Imperial
  • Игра: Lineage 2
  • Рейты: x1000PvP
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Welcome to L2 Imperial server!

Master Class chapter 2.

Server Rates:

XP x1000

SP x500

Adena x100

Drop x1 (Server has own custom drop and currency with own chances)

Raid Drop x1

Quest Drop x1

Quest Reward x1

Spoil x1

Enchant Rates:

Safe enchant retail like

Max enchant +30 for Weapon/Armor

Max enchant +10 for accessories etc.


Community Board / Buff / Merchant / Teleporter

Premium System / Offline Trade / Increased inventory and warehouse slots

Balance of classes / Autolearn skills (except skills which require items for learning)

Olympiad every month / Hero and Legend system / Siege every 2 weeks

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