Сервер MU Episodes

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Сервер MU Episodes
  • Игра: MU Online
  • Рейты: Prologue
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MU Episodes will start with an alternative to MU Online Season 1 and evolve with every new update to alternative MU Online Seasons.

What you can find in MU Episodes:

  1. A unique gameplay universe with special Quests, Bosses, and Raids, Maps, Monsters, Weapons;
  2. Dynamic levelling up to 15 000 LVL with dynamic experience by levels, maps, and game episodes;
  3. Every new game episode includes new characters, monsters, maps, pets, quests, weapons, and armor.
  4. No resets, grand-resets, no wipes, no pay-to-win items.

Start to play an old-school MU Online from season 1 to season 17 in one game. Then, we develop a unique game system where you will pump your skills and characters into a fully evolving game.

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