Сервер MU Episodes

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Сервер MU Episodes
  • Игра: MU Online
  • Рейты: x5000|Prologue
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Leveling Speed Rate: Fast, 5000x;

Items Drop Rate: 30%;

Rarity Items Drop Rate: Low;

Max Character Level: 1000;

Max Stats: 65 000

Available Characters: Knight (DK), Wizard (DW), Elf, Gladiator (MG), Dark Lord (DL);

Stats Points per Level: 5-7 for all Characters;

Events: In-game Events only;

Paid Services: Buy W Coins;

Restarts: Never! No wipes, restarts, clear characters, or accounts. One game, one progress for all updates forever!


Reset System: Burn all your levels to get free 10 W Coins;

Master Reset System: Burn 100 resets to get free 1 000 W Coins;

Vote for Server: Get free W Coins every day for voting for us;

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