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Сервер MU Splinter
  • Игра: MU Online
  • Рейты: x50UltimateSeason6FreeCredits
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⭐️MUSPLINTER x50-OPEN 03.12.22⭐️

Mu Online Splinter Season 6 Grand Opening 03.12.22 | Server x50

With us EVERY player can use all the items, weapons and even wings 5 LVL of ALL classes !

Exp : x50 | Free Credits for Quests, Events, Bosses, Golds, custom Achievement system |

Season 6 | Drop : 35 | 400 Lvl - 25 RR | 7 Pts | Upto 10 Ppl in GP |

New Quest System+ | PVP+ | New Pets | Items : S17+ | Smithy with Excellent items & Wings

First of all, we would like to begin with gratitude to all player for supporting our young and tough project of the MuSplinter VII. We believe in our World and will continue to delight you with updates and new features in the game, so that you are confident in the stability of our project. After all, we love this game as much as we all do.

Download Fresh Client to Play : https://musplinter.com/index.php?id=downloads

Registration is available : https://musplinter.com/index.php?id=register

MUSPLINTER x50-OPEN 03.12.22

S6 | x250/35% | 400LVL


RR: 25 / GR: 25 / ML: 1000LVL

STATS: 32K | PTS: 5/7/7

RR-CLEAR stats: *500 Pts

GR-CLEAR stats: *5000 Pts

ML-KEEP stats: *NO-RR

New Monsters, Events & Maps

Custom Quest System - 500+ quests

Custom Items & Wings 5LVL

Custom Pets Loor, Rabbit, etc.

Custom SMITH inGame Client

Custom Minimap Info & New 3D++

Custom Party System up to 10 people

Custom InGame Settings



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