Сервер UO PvP Quest World

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Сервер UO PvP Quest World
  • Игра: Ultima Online
  • Рейты: OrionRenaissancePvP
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UO PvP Quest World shard Brought to you by legendary folks from the old-fashioned, our beloved PVP-alfa shard. Warning! Beware hardcore PVP and PVE players! Ultima Online client version 2.0.3. Renaissance Server language: English, Russian

  • Powered by Orion, Injection, Razor, ClassicUO.
  • 6 races: Human, Berserker, Amazon, Vampire, Paladin, Necromancer.
  • Massive PVP events.
  • Skill progressive system, dynamic loot, new abilities and hardcore teamplay combo.
  • Playtime rewards.
  • Interesting PVE (rare creatures taming, dynamic dungeons, bosses, rare items and artefacts, treasures etc.) and crafting system.

Trading is allowed on the server. E.g. 1 TM point price is $35 to sell. You can farm and sell your stuff for real money!

  • ---- Learn more https://uoquest.world/en/ Submit for battle now https://uoquest.world/en/files/
  • ---- Enjoy playing among the best of the best UO players.
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